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All of our public education workshops are held at the Healing Arts office unless otherwise noted. The sessions run from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. >

The Healing Art of Reiki
Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art. Learn how Reiki works, how it is applied and why it’s being used within the medical and holistic communities. >

An Introduction to Hypnotherapy
Learn what hypnosis is and how it works. You’ll also discover how hypnotherapy can support a healthy stress management program. >

Reiki Certifications
Certification classes are offered by Patricia A. Fox a certified Reiki Master and Teacher for Reiki I, Reiki II, ART, Reiki Master/Teacher certifications. Test >

NEW: How Hypnotherapy Can Help Cancer Patients
Mayo Clinic reports to CNN how hypnosis can be used as a treatment option for cancer treatment side effects. >

What our Clients are saying >

“After being a 40 year smoker who has tried many times to quit in the last few years with limited success by using the patch, the gum (still had the craving to smoke & got very stressed out) and pills (adverse side effects) I was guided to Healing Arts of the Andovers to try hypnotherapy, kind of a last resort was my thinking. After completing the therapy with Pat Fox, the desire to smoke has diminished to almost nothing (I even forget sometimes that I smoked) and with none of the stress that had been associated with previous attempts to quit! The word amazing is so overused these days, but it’s appropriate in this situation. I only regret not having tried hypnotherapy years ago..”

~ Bruce C., Sandown, NH

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